Bank & Trust Services

Helps clients trade more efficiently to meet their fiduciary obligation to seek best-execution.

Seeking The Best Execution

The CAPIS team works hard to help bank & trust departments trade more efficiently and meet their fiduciary obligation to seek best execution. Whether you prefer a traditional high-touch desk or electronic solutions, we have various options to best suit your needs.

As your execution partner, CAPIS will:
  • Perform conflict-free executions.
  • Dedicate a senior trader as a single point of contact for all executions, and provide third-party transaction cost analysis and NBBO analysis designed to meet your best execution audit reporting obligations.
CAPIS trading capabilities currently include:
  • Global equities 24/6 with direct electronic connections to multiple trust accounting systems
  • Fixed Income (USD)
  • Options
  • Program Trading
CAPIS trading and operations support currently includes:
  • Commission Management
  • Compliance Assistance
  • Settlement and Clearing Support

About Our Team

Established in 1977, CAPIS has a reputation of having a team of experienced traders using state-of-the-art trading technology which sets us apart as a leader in our field. Trading is at the heart of what we do, and we strive to achieve best execution. CAPIS has no asset management or proprietary trading conflicts, allowing us to focus solely on client needs. You will not find a greater commitment to personalized client relationships anywhere in the industry.

24/6 Global Trading Desk

The CAPIS trading desk offers global equity, fixed income, derivative, and portfolio trading services.

  • 17 People
  • 24 years of average experience

What We Cover

Global Equity

We use the latest technology to execute our trades, while also offering the personal attention of a block trader. CAPIS’ 24-hour global trading desk delivers superior execution and exceptional trading coverage. And whether you use an electronic trading system or prefer to talk to a human trader, you’ll receive the same superior client service.

Fixed Income

A pioneer of agency trading in fixed income instruments, CAPIS is one of the only brokers that continues to provide research credit on eligible fixed income trades.


Enhance your trading strategies using options and futures. Our derivatives trading desk can help you customize trading strategies to optimize your portfolio and reduce your risk exposure. Options are also eligible for research credit in our CCA/CSA program.

Portfolio Trading

Our portfolio trading desk can implement a coordinated strategy or trading algorithm specifically tailored to your needs. Not only do our traders utilize the most sophisticated trading technology, but they are also involved throughout the entire process to ensure a personalized level of service.

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