Contingency Site

CAPIS operates trading desks in Dallas, Texas. Essential systems for these operations run on computer facilities with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and backup data communications services.

In addition, CAPIS maintains an alternate trading environment outside of the Dallas office. This location also houses the firm’s computer facilities complete with UPS and dedicated diesel electric power generation. This facility would serve as the “hub” and could supplement recovery if the Dallas location needs to be evacuated.

Facilities available include complete system backups of all critical systems. Telephone service backups include re-routing of toll free numbers to the alternate facility and use of standard phone lines for communication until automatic ring down lines can be re-established. Mission critical services have redundant counterparts in place at the alternate facility. In the event of certain kinds of failures, recovery services take over with minimal service interruption. The loss of the Dallas office facility will not cause any service interruption.

We encourage you to view our business continuity plan.