Outsourced / Supplemental Trading

A consultative process.

Focus On What You Do Best

CAPIS Outsourced/Supplemental Trading enables you to focus on what you do best: managing your assets and client relationships. CAPIS partners with you for the life cycle of the trade, from market intelligence to best execution strategy, commission management (CSA) and settlement.

Trading Capabilities
  • Global Equities 24/6
  • Fixed-Income
  • Derivatives
  • ETFs
  • Program Trading
  • Algorithmic Trading
Extension of Your Desk
  • Unbiased, agency trading model assures our goals are aligned with yours.
  • Tightly controlled information and CAPIS only seeking natural liquidity with client permission protects your order flow.
  • Anonymous trading capabilities ensure your information is safeguarded and your best interests are top priority.
Optimal Allocation of Resources
  • Extend your reach without increasing cost.
  • Tap into CAPIS’ market-leading commission management services.
  • Utilize a single point of contact to streamline broker relationships both in and out of your network.
  • Direct CAPIS to trade with brokers for your research credit.
  • Access expert compliance assistance and transaction cost analysis (TCA).
  • Track allocation of commissions using CAPIS’ industry-leading online portal and mobile app.
  • Alleviate short-term staffing pressures.

The People Behind The Technology

CAPIS provides an experienced team of professionals to cover your unique needs. These teams include:
  • Trader – Primary Contact for Trading and Connectivity
  • Sales – Primary Relationship Manager
  • Client Service
  • Compliance
  • Operations and Settlements

24/6 Global Trading Desk

The CAPIS trading desk offers global equity, fixed income, derivative, and portfolio trading services.

  • <17 People
  • 24 years of average experience

What We Cover

Global Equity

We use the latest technology to execute our trades, while also offering the personal attention of a block trader. CAPIS’ 24-hour global trading desk delivers superior execution and exceptional trading coverage. And whether you use an electronic trading system or prefer to talk to a human trader, you’ll receive the same superior client service.

Fixed Income

A pioneer of agency trading in fixed income instruments, CAPIS is one of the only brokers that continues to provide research credit on eligible fixed-income trades.


Enhance your trading strategies using options and futures. Our derivatives trading desk can help you customize trading strategies to optimize your portfolio and reduce your risk exposure. Options are also eligible for research credit in our CCA/CSA program.

Portfolio Trading

Our portfolio trading desk can implement a coordinated strategy or trading algorithm specifically tailored to your needs. Not only do our traders utilize the most sophisticated trading technology, but they are also involved throughout the entire process to ensure a personalized level of service.

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